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Clutch control in Ergal (aluminum alloy) machined from solid

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RaceBrake clutch control machined from solid

The RaceBrake cable clutch control, with Evolution lever completely machined from solid, is articulated and adjustable in the distance by means of a micrometric threaded ring.

The RaceBrake evolution clutch control is compatible with all motorbikes models with cable clutch.

The clutch (friction discs) control RaceBrake is supplied as standard with microswitches for ignition when the clutch is pulled.

It is used to start the motorcycle with the gear engaged without putting it in neutral, just pull the clutch and the motorcycle can start, otherwise, without the sensor, you will have to put the motorcycle in neutral to be able to start it.

The same applies to the park stand, for the safety when the park stand is folded out (motorbike parked) do not allow the ignition of the motorcycle, and you will need to put the gear in neutral to be able to turn on, if you will  mount RaceBrake clutch control with microswitch the motorbike will be able to turn on with gear engaged and park stand open.

For road use on naked also recommend the SIDE MIRROR SUPPORT

comando frizione RaceBrake

Ideal both on the racing circuit and/or on the road

The RaceBrake cable clutch control is designed to be used on the track and on the road. The cable operated clutch command solves two (2) problems, lightens the clutch, the stress on the hand and forearm, and improves the controllability of the command.

RaceBrake cable clutch control, with Evolution articulated lever

The RaceBrake Evolution clutch control has an adjustable lever about the distance from the motorbike knob.

Also the color available in black - red - gold - blue - silver - green can be chosen

The RaceBrake clutch control lightens the effort to be applied on the lever, improving comfort and driving, especially on the track or on long journeys.

By changing the clutch control you can also improve the modulation of the clutch, managing it more precisely.

A very important topic, besides improving driving, it also improves the aesthetics of the motorbike.
You can mount quality levers, which are also aesthetically beautiful and safe.

By the way, with a greater wheelbase for the same movement of the lever, the recovery of the cable will be increased, therefore the clutch will detach first, the force on the lever must be greater but the real force required to operate the lever will be less, due to the special design of the lever , less straining the pilot's arm.
This will allow you to use the gearbox faster but with less effort.