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Clutch lever foldable RaceBrake 

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102,46 €

Adjustable and articulated clutch RaceBrake lever in Ergal

RaceBrake EVO1 brake or clutch levers are machined from solid by numerical control machines that work Ergal 7075 T6 blocks.

They are not the classic Chinese production levers for a few euros!

RaceBrake EVO1 levers replace the original pumps or controls as spare parts. They are articulated and fully adjustable, machined from solid by numerical control machines that work Ergal 7075 T6 blocks.

They are not the classic Chinese production levers for a few euros.
leva freno racebrake
Articulated brake and clutch levers are available for the following bikes:
           Tuono V4
           1098 1198 999 848 749
           Hypermotard 1100
           Monster 1200 1100       
           Multistrada 1200
           Panigale V4 1299 1199 959 899
           Streetfighter V4 1098 848

Because the RaceBrake brake or clutch lever for motorcycles stands out than the others

The articulated levers machined from solid RaceBrake stand out for the construction quality and precision, characteristics that can be perceived as soon as you take the levers in hand.

The RaceBrake ergal articulated levers are the only real choice on the market to replace the original brake and clutch levers of the motorbike.

They are articulated and foldable both on the brake lever side and on the clutch lever side, the precision of the machining allows the brake lever and clutch lever to slide freely without impediments that cause dangerous situations.

The strengths that make RaceBrake levers a successful product are:

  • Ergonomic lever handle with a curvature and a rounding process that allow a firm grip and excellent comfort even in extreme situations on the race track.
  • Ergal 7075, high quality material and very precise processing for correct operation.
  • Lever machined by "emptying" some parts of the material to lighten it and protect the pump in case of a motorbike fall. The force of the impact is discharged on the lever which yields without forcing or breaking the brake pumping element.
  • Precision and micrometric adjustment through the front screw, the adjustment of the lever distance is adjusted quickly and easily to adapt to each rider, the adjustment is designed to work on a variable range and not the classic 6 fixed positions typical of Asian products.
  • Anodizing treatment in the colors: black - red - silver; it guarantees resistance to climatic conditions and at the same time prevents oxidation of the metal, furthermore the "hard" finish ensures a long duration of the color even after years of use with gloves.
  • ABsolute lightness, average weight 21 gr. each

leve racebrake

Is it difficult to install the adjustable and articulated brake and clutch levers?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Our levers are not universal but specific, designed and tested to ensure total compatibility with the indicated motorbike models. Brake and clutch levers very simple to assemble without modifications needs.