Active Brake Cooling

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Active Brake Cooling

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 Motorcycle active brake cooling

RaceBrake active brake cooling are made of 100% carbon fiber and allow to reduce the temperature of the calipers and brake oil by 35%.

This translates into better resistance of the braking system on all those tracks where the brakes are constantly put to the test and do not have time to cool down.

Anyone who goes to the track and has suffered the devastating effects of heat on the braking system knows how important a cooling system is to be able to achieve powerful and safe braking in all conditions.

It is no coincidence that this accessory is now increasingly widespread also on MotoGP and SBK that have braking systems worth tens of thousands of euros.

The much less performing amateur brake systems need extra help to dissipate heat, and this is the component that will make the difference on the temperature of your brake system.

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Directly from the racing circuit to your bike

Competitions push everything to the limit, including the performance of the braking systems, which are increasingly put to the test.

This is demonstrated by the fact that the latest generation bikes are now more powerful, lighter and faster, but above all easier to ride.

The consequence is that what are called the average performances of the drivers have risen!

Higher speeds require better stopping distances and braking systems that go beyond their limits.

Every little improvement can really make a difference today.

Lowering the temperature of the calipers, pads and discs by a few degrees also allows the temperature of the brake fluid to be kept under control, guaranteeing constant braking even after numerous laps.

Often the very narrow and winding circuits, the small tracks, put a lot of stress on the brakes, not having the time to cool down.

Not infrequently it can happen to do about ten laps and find yourself with excessively long brake travel.

Our tests showed that the forced air ducts ensure cooling of the caliper area which reduces temperatures by up to 40%.

There are other similar accessories on the market, but they only serve to cool the brake disc.

The brake discs have a very large surface compared to their mass and are also in continuous movement, these two characteristics allow them to "self ventilate" themselves, ensuring that the temperature is always under control.

RaceBrake active brake cooling are the only cooling system that, by acting directly on the caliper as well as on the brake disc, allow to obtain 4 great advantages:

- lower the temperature of the brake disc

- lower the temperature of the caliper

- lower the temperature of the pads by pushing fresh air between the brake pads

- these 3 temperature reductions consequently lower the brake fluid temperature.

The particular shape of RaceBrake active brake cooling is not accidental but has been studied by doing various simulations.

The shape allows to obtain a forced fresh air circulation system already from 45 km / h.

At high speeds it is possible to obtain a thermal reduction with peaks of 40% lower than a braking system without RaceBrake active brake cooling.

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Reduce with ease brake temperature

RaceBrake active brake cooling are made of carbon fiber obtained by autoclave formation in order to guarantee maximum resistance impact .

They are very simple to install, they are applied through their supports directly on the brake caliper.

This makes them universal when replacing the motorcycle or brake caliper or motorbike fork.

You can mount them anywhere.

There are two versions, one for 100 mm calipers, suitable for motorcycles such as Bmw HP4, S1000 RR, Ducati Panigale, Aprilia RSV4, MV Agusta F4, and a version for 108 mm calipers, such as Japanese motorcycles such as Yamaha R1, Kawasaki Zx- 10R, Suzuki Gsx-r 1000, Honda CBR 1000.

They can cool any brake caliper from the P4, M4, M50, GP4 series and are fully compatible with all Brembo brake calipers.