NCM aluminum LASTACCATA brake oil tank

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Brake oil tank RaceBrake ALU Ergal

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Brake fluid tank RaceBrake model V-EVO

The RaceBrake brake oil aluminium tank was created to give a racing and unique touch to your motorbike or to create a special or purebred cafe racer.

The brake OIL tank RaceBrake has worked with accuracy, made from a bar of Alu Ergal from 7075, directly from solid.

Serbatoio olio freni Brembo 15 cc

So many possible combinations

The RaceBrake brake fluid tank are available colors as follow:

  • Tank body colors> gold - red - black - silver
  • Cap colors > gold - red - black - silver - green - orange - blue

RaceBrake manufactures brake oil tanks completely compatible to all radial and axial pumps.
The connection tube between the tank and pump and the bracket for mounting on the pump are not supplied and included inside of the RaceBrake kit.

Our tanks are designed for attachment to the std. support or other handcrafted brackets.