Beringer brake disc 310 motard

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Beringer Aeronal Honda CRF 450 motard 310 mm brake disc

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Beringer CRF motard 310 mm brake disc

Beringer Aeronal floating disc for Honda CRF 450

The Beringer Aeronal supermotard disc consists of a track completely machined from solid and not laser cut.

This guarantees greater stability and less flex during braking, and the disc track undergoes a double heat treatment.

The material used for the construction of Beringer Aeronal discs is universally known for giving the highest performance in both road and race use.

Braking power increases by 40% and wear is minimized. Beringer Aeronal discs are designed for supermotard performance applications.

This disc must necessarily be combined with the BERINGER brake caliper to obtain the max and high braking perfomance

The wheel hub internal is CNC machined from aircraft alloy aluminum. The two parts are joined with 6 pawls instead of 12 as in traditional discs; this reduces the weight and the gyroscopic effect, increasing the ease of control and maneuvering of the motorbike.

BERINGER has no difference in the production of its motorbike components for amateurs or those aimed at professional riders.

By choosing these Beringer components, you can be sure that your braking system is the same as that used on supermotard that participate in official competitions.

disco freno beringer aeronal crf 450

Prepare your motard for the race track

If you have an enduro or cross motorbike and want to make a transformation into a motard, or if you have a standard motard with an underpowered braking system for the race track, this is the brake disc for you.

With this Beringer brake disc you can transform your standard brake system into a high performance racing brake system for supermotard.

It is of fundamental importance to carry out this upgrade to obtain high braking performance and to improve safety.

This Beringer brake disc not only has an increased diameter than the standard brake disc, , but also has features that make it suitable for use on the race track, such as the internal Ergal flange to dissipate heat, and the floating system to prevent thermal deformations.

The 310 mm Motard Beringer brake disc, thanks to its greater thickness, allows you to also install the racing radial brake caliper.

With this configuration you will get the most out of your motorbike braking system.

The Beringer supermotard brake discs  IMPROVE BRAKING and give a more aggressive and sporty look to the motorbike.

The Beringer brake discs are available in diameter 310 mm for MOTARD conversions of the following motorcycles:

HONDA CRF 450 (all models) red color