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Radial pump adapter for brake hoses

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Radial pump adapter for brake hoses

Radial pump adapter to mount the original brake hoses on the radial pump after replacement.

RaceBrake APR (Radial pump adapter) is an accessory to mount the brake pipes on the radial pump, when the pump is axial as standard.

The pipes mounted on the axial pump have a connection that is not compatible with radial pumps. To avoid changing brake hoses you can mount this simple accessory that solves your problem.

adattatore pompa radiale

Where is it mounted?

The adapter or fitting for radial pump is mounted directly on the pump with the screw of the classical brakes, the adapter connecting the brake hoses without making any changes

The radial pump adapter works for both the brake pump and the clutch pump (hydraulic clutch), it is compatible with all the pumps on the market (Brembo, Braking, Accossato, Nissin, IRC, PT, Discacciati etc.) and it is available for both single and double brake hoses, or for systems with ABS system.

The APR is universal comes with a single screw to secure the brake pipes, has a length of about 4 cm and can be chosen in these two configurations:

  • with 1-hole screw pitch, short for one tube only (APRC)
  • pitch screw 1 in two holes, for two long tubes (APRL)

Both are equipped with brake gaskets